Welcome to Beyond Blonde




Thank - you to our beautiful clients, new and returning for being so understanding during these hard and stressful times.
We truly hope you and your loved ones are safe, happy and well.

We are taking it slow, with reduced staff, minimum clients and extreme COVID - 19 precautions. Our ultimate goal is to slowly lift our restrictions as the government does, however with the new 6 week regulations occurring we are at a stand still.



AS OF JULY 23rd 2020.

If, for any reason you cannot wear a mask to your appointment. Please email us on info@beyondblondehb.com.au prior to your appointment so we are respectfully aware before you arrive.

Masks will not be available to purchase, so please ensure you bring your own mask.

Ensuring your mask has elastic around your ear and not tie up at the back of the head.

Beyond Blonde does not take any responsibility for colour and products getting on masks. 

What are our current hours?

Sunday & Monday 

9am - 5pm

9am - 8pm

9am - 8pm

9am - 5pm

8am - 2pm

I have an appointment coming up, what do I do?

HAIR APPOINTMENTS: Will still take place as long as you are healthy, with a healthy temperature and have followed all government COVID-19 rules and recommendations.

BEAUTY APPOINTMENTS: Unfortunately cannot take place due to the second round of lockdown. This lockdown is expected to be 6 weeks minimum. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

I had an appointment, but the salon was closed due to COVID-19

Please call us on 03 97859555 immediately so we can get you back in. We did contact every client, but were calling off a private number and understand we may have missed you.


I didn't have an appointment, but would like to book one, can I come in?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 lockdown 2.0 we are not making any more bookings until August 2020, just so we can keep control of our booking systems. If you wanted to see us in July, unfortunately we cannot go ahead but we will happily book you for August on wards.

I haven't been to Beyond Blonde before and would like to come, can I make an appointment?

We love new faces an cant wait to meet you! Since re-opening we have taken the opportunity to change a couple of our procedures. Our biggest one is mandatory consultations for new clients.

If you are wanting to come in for a CUT ONLY, no consultation is needed, but you are also welcome to come in and have a chat first.

If you are a new client wanting COLOUR, you must book a mandatory consultation at least 3 days prior to coming in for colour application. This is to ensure we can assess your hair condition, have a thorough chat about what you are wanting, do a strand test if needed, ensure you are not allergic to the colour by preforming a patch test.

Unfortunately this is a non negotiable appointment.

What COVID - 19 measures are in place? 

- Maximum 12 patrons are aloud on our salon floor (staff and clients included) while maintaining a 1.5m distance between clients.

- Reduced staff to ensure less contact is made with clients and objects.

- Disposable gloves to be changed with each new contact made.

- Masks can be worn by staff at client request.

- All magazines have been removed. Please feel free to bring your own book, laptop or tablet (We have free Wi-Fi!)
- Our drink services will temporarily be suspended until further notice. However, complimentary water bottles are available.

- Temperature checking will take place with staff and clients.

- NO children, or extra guests attending with you at your appointment. This is a non-negotiable rule as we do not have the capacity within our salon.

- Thorough sanitation measures have always been in place at Beyond Blonde, disinfecting of the chairs, towels, equipment and bench space are always done; however we will be doing timed disinfectant rotations on things like our front door, handles, the restroom and desk area.  

If you have any questions or if we can assist in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

03 9785 9555


Thank you,

The Beyond Blonde Team x