Welcome back to Beyond Blonde! We missed you!

Lets talk about your appointment....

Hey there!
As you would now be aware, we have been placed into a mandatory 5 day lockdown, which ultimately sees the salon closed and your appointment cancelled (for now).

Last previous lock downs were drastically extended and we want to take the same precautions this time round in case further lockdown closures are extended.

Therefore we will not be rebooking, making or rescheduling any appointments until further notice.
Your appointment details will remain in our system and will not be forgotten for when the time comes when we can begin to rebook you. 

We will work as swiftly as we can for when we re-open and to get you back in, we have done it before and we can do it again but please be respectful and supportive during these times.

If you need urgent assistance please contact us on Instagam @beyondblondehb or contact us by emailing info@beyondblondehb.com.au

The Beyond Blonde Family