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You are receiving this message as you missed an appointment due to the lockdown. - You will be asked to reply accordingly at the end of this love letter so please read it thoroughly.

(If you have an upcoming appointment you would already have received a similar message on Friday, please don't reply we will be in contact super soon if you replied accordingly for a call back. No need to keep reading, I'm sorry I couldn't send 700 messages individually)

Before we begin the call back process, we just need to let you know of the policies and procedures that will currently be in place as we navigate through an exciting time but equally just as terrifying time.

The call back process will be as follows:

- WE WILL CALL YOU! Please don't call us unless you are returning a call.
(Some calls will be from private numbers and un familiar mobile phones)

- We will begin the call backs from August 6th and work our way though each day, rebooking your over due and very well deserved service.

- We will keep working our way through the list, so please ensure you get back to us as soon as you can!

- We ask for understanding when it comes to booking your appointment as most Saturday and late night appointments had already been taken. Staff have very kindly extended their working hours to help, however we ask that if you can come throughout the week please leave the Saturday and late night appointments for those who cannot make a week day appointment at all.

- If you need to cancel your appointment after it has been booked, please be mindful that we may not be able to get you back in.

Now a few things to mention:

- If you have coloured your hair at home, or are using any supermarket / drugstore products we need to know and we will be asking and referring back to your questionnaire that was sent out, please be honest as we do need to know for the safety of your hair and to book alternative services.

- Unfortunately we will not be allowing extras to come to your appointment with you, this is a standard salon policy however as there are some stricter density requirements we do need to ensure that is known.

- Our salon staff always work very well together, and during the stricter density limits we have for the first two - three weeks you will notice we will be buddied up to ensure our time management and efficiency is maximised.
In no way will you be rushed, we need to keep the salon bookings as structured as we possibly can and service as many people who missed out.

- Our standard salon polices apply, you can view them HERE

While we respect and value every single one of our clients, we ultimately need to rebuild, we need to get our staff back to work and to provide for our families so I hope you can all understand why we need to work in accordance with the government regulations that surround opening and servicing clients.
As it stands right now, we will have to ensure you are double vaccinated upon checking in.

It may not be the perfect scenario for some, and we are sorry, but we hope to be treated with respect and sensitivity knowing that we just need to open our doors and create some magic again. 

If you would still like to be called to rebook your missed appointment:
- and a member of staff will call you within the next 2 weeks (maybe more, depending on work load)

If you don't want to be called to rebook your missed appointment:
 - and a member of staff will not call you, keeping in mind we may not to get you in if you change your mind later.

Thank you so much for your on going support and we cannot WAIT to see you again!