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Colour Pot Directions

Thank you for purchasing your custom mixed Keune toning mask!

We’re going to go through this together, just like as if we are at the salon. So grab a drink of choice, some good tunes and let’s go!

What you will need:

  • Your Keune Mask
  • A sectioning clip, or something to help divide your hair if it’s long / thick.
  • A towel
  • Gloves if you are trying a bright or extreme colour change

This bad boy goes on WET hair, so jump in that shower and give your hair a good scrub with shampoo. For optimal squeaky clean-ness 2-3 shampoos is best. There is no need to condition, the mask has that covered.

Give your hair a thorough, but gentle towel dry. Ensuring the saturation is even. For those babes who get super knotty hair, don’t stress the mask will turn those locks into silk. But feel free to spray some leave in conditioner to help.

Section your hair into half, or quarters whatever works for you!

You are going to be applying the mask where you want the colour to be! Eg: If you have a significant dark root, and your mask is a creamy blonde to refresh your ends don’t waste it by applying it to your roots.. It won’t do anything. However, if you are a blonde going pink, you need to work it through roots to ends! Eeeeeek! We are so excited for you!

Now, this is the fun part. Put some of the mask in your hands and apply it to your hair, once it’s on use your fingers in a raking motion to help ensure those strands are saturated. If you feel comfortable using a wide tooth comb, go for it!

If you are going a completely different colour, or if your hair doesn’t hold colour 20 minutes is recommended.

Then just top up the colour in the shower as you would a standard conditioner application for 2-5 minutes (but still towel dry)

If your colour is looking pretty good, but you want to use the mask for a quick freshen 10 minutes is great!

If you’re feeling a bit scared and apprehensive, its soo fine! Try doing a little section underneath first, washing it out and seeing the magic!

Once your chosen time is done, rinse thoroughly! No need to condition as you have just given your hair a well-deserved treat. But don’t forget to look after and maintain your locks by using some heat protectant and leave in conditioner. Message us if you need some, were here to help during this isolation and are probably bored out of our brains!

Blowdry that beauty and parade around that house as if you’re going somewhere! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @beyondblondesalon.

We love you! 

Beyond Blonde xx