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Keune Toning Masks

Woohoo! You are wanting to order a colour pot, How exciting!
Before you place your order, please read the following to ensure the colour pot is right for you.

The colour pots are a temporary change to your pre coloured hair, the results are not permanent.
Colour pots do not lighten your hair, remove regrowth, cover greys or permanently change the colour of your hair, so they are a fantastic option for a quick refresh or if you want to have some fun, they are easily removed if there is still a little bit of tone left.

The lasting power for all colour pots are different from person to person. 
The more pastel colours will fade faster as they do not have as much pigment in them, and the brighter colours last longer as there is more pigment to wash out. Lasting power also is considered with
- How many times you wash your hair
- What you use on your hair at home (salon quality is best)
- Heat tool use
- Hair health and porosity

If you are blonde, we do not advise you to get any brunette / dark colour pots.

If you are brunette the blonde, bright and pastel tones will not show (unless its the bright purple or red there may be a slight glow)

If you are unsure about if a colour pot will be right for you, please contact us



Please Choose the Option of your desired mask:

Fantastic for blondes, or for those who have dry / dull hair. Used to restore hair health and to repair damage.

Fantastic for thick / course hair (including curly) to help tame the cuticles and to help restore the keratin bonds that are often weaker with thicker / curly hair.
Not recommended for thin hair.

The most hydrating mask, great for all hair types to restore ultimate moisture, shine and softness.

The all rounded mask when you have minimal concerns about your hair. Adds shine, softness and smells soo yummy!



Choose what tone you would like added into your pot!
BLONDE TONES (only if hair is blonde)
Beige Blonde - Neutral and refreshing without any ash tones
Platinum Blonde - Neutral with a hit of violet to remove unwanted tones
Ash Blonde - To knock all warm tones out 
Extreme Ash Blonde - To remove any warm tones out and a little extra for a true deep ash look.
Honey Blonde - A warmer, beachy blonde.

BRUNETTE TONES (only if hair is brunette)
Ash Brunette - A deep, ash to remove unwanted warmth
Warm Brunette - A deep, warm base to add tone and shine

Bright Pink
Bright Purple
Bright Copper
Bright Red

Pastel Colours (only if your hair is blonde)
Pastel Purple
Pastel Pink
Rose Gold (Orange Based)
Rose Gold ( Pink Based)
Mint Green
Soft Blue


For Directions on how to apply your mask, click here

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